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1 ) Can I really make Money with Pinterest?

Can I really make money with Pinterest? Is this a question you ask yourself over and over?

The facts about Pinterest speak for themselves 150 million active users and growing looking at over 75 billion pins. That is staggering don’t you think. The good news is Pinterest probably has the highest buying reputation for any social media outlet. 55% of US Online shoppers chose Pinterest as their favourite social media site

About 85% of Pinterest users are women. This is good news because we all know that women Love love love to shop.

So how do you make the most of Pinterest? Well you need to think of Pinterest as a search engine just like google. When you are setting up your pins think about what people will be looking for.

You need to pin often and also share other people’s pins. Now this can take some time and you need to post often. 3 or 4 times a day.  Wait don’t let this scare you. There is an easy way.

I have been using a tool called AutoPinterest and it will autopost to not only one account but unlimited accounts. Can you imagine the traffic you could generate with having your pins spread around Pinterest?  Yes, make your pins spectacular using free tools like Canva add a link and get our autoposter post your pins non-stop.

It is a recipe for success. Most importantly it is very affordable, you will be surprised when you see the cost. Check it out here (affiliate link)

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2) Can Pinterest drive traffic to your site? Pinterest is perfect for this

When I first started using Pinterest I was using it all wrong.

I randomly pinned pictures of silly dogs and cats and clothing I liked, funny memes and pointless food shots. It wasn’t until I did a bit of research that I discovered just how useful Pinterest can be if used right.

One of the best uses for Pinterest is to drive people to my site and also my affiliate links. Pinterest had a bit of a hiccup not so long ago where they stopped people from using affiliate links but they came to their senses and this is once more allowed.

I use it to pin images of TShirts. I am an affiliate for a number of tshirt companies and all I do is share the most interesting and funny tshirts there are on my interest boards. I found that the more I pinned these and shared other people’s pins the more money filtered into my account.

I also found it very time consuming. You see Pinterest is a global platform so if you want to reach everyone you need to pin at all times of the day. When I was discussing this in one of the Facebook groups that I belong to they showed me an autoposter designed for Pinterest. I was a little sceptical at first but when I looked at the price I didn’t hesitate. I started using this and began to get more and more sales. More exposure of my pins meant more people seeing them. You can even set up multiple accounts and it will autopost to those too. This tool changed my whole marketing strategy.

You really should take a look Click here and check it out (affiliate link)

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Ps. I don’t think I answered my question. Yes Pinterest does send more traffic to my site than any other strategy I am using.


3) 4 reasons you should use Pinterest

There are several reasons why you should be using Pinterest.

Reason 1- You can get more sales and conversions through Pinterest. The reason? There are less steps between seeing the product and buying the product. See it, Like it, Buy it. Less steps more conversions

Reason 2- Pinterest can steer traffic back to your site. You are able to put a link on your Pinterest pin which will lead people back to your site. You can also set up a pin it button on your site which means people can pin images from your site to their own Pinterest account so this adds backlinks to your site but also your pins are added to other people’s accounts so even more people will see them and click on them and get back to your site

Reason 3- People love pictures. Looking at pictures is far easier than reading tweets or Facebook posts. Many Pinterest users use their mobile phones to view pins on Pinterest in bed, at the shop, at the bus stop. If your pins are interesting looking and stand out they will get seen and clicked on. Pinterest also allows you to share pins to Facebook and twitter which means even more people can see them and be directed to your Pinterest Boards and back to your website.

Reason 4- You can use Pinterest to research what your audience is looking for. Pinterest can really help you identify your audience as it can be used as a search engine. You can check out your followers boards and see what types of pins they are looking at and then offer similar products. One you find your audience you can target them with the offers they like and a targeted audience is a buying audience.

Don’t underestimate the power of Pinterest and if you really want to boost your Pinterest marketing then you might like to take a look at this autoposter designed specifically to increase your pin reach and reduce your pinning time. I use this and set up my pinning for a whole week in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Remember More Pins, More exposure, More profit

Click here for the only shortcut you need for Pinterest marketing ( affiliate link)

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