ARM Chips Are Inside The World Most Powerful Supercomputer

On precisely the exact same day that Apple announced its strategy to transition into its silicon on Mac, the Top500 crowned an ARM-based construct as the planet’s most powerful supercomputer.

Working collectively, 158,976 of those chips set a standard of 415.5 petaflops and a peak performance of 1 exaflop.

To place that performance in view, Oak Ridge National Lab’s Summit supercomputer at Tennessee was previously number one among the list together with 148.8 petaflops of computing power, which makes Fugaku 2.8 times stronger than this system.

The machine required to design and construct and cost over $ 1 billion.

In recent years systems made by Intel And AMD are the sight on the Top500; just four supercomputers show up on the list.

What notable? about Fugaku is it does not incorporate any committed GPUs to assist with intelligence software.

Fugaku is not likely to maintain the number one place for long as these things go. With assistance from AMD, Cray Computing is constructing a 1.5 exaflop platform for the Department of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Cray is producing an Intel-based exascale platform for its Argonne National Laboratory.

The two states have 340 supercomputers on the Top500 involving them.

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